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  1. 75g 10-25-10

    I had some issues switching salts, I got all those figured out...Lost some corals and my tangs. So long powder brown and kole eye...

    My tank has been running well for the last few months and I thought I should post an update.

    I just added a baby black and white clown which has befriended my mature b&w. I am hoping I can get some babies out of them in a year or so, that would be a fun adventure.

    I also added an angel. It hasnt touched any of my LPS ...

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  2. The Big Salt Switch

    I started with IO Reef Crystals years ago and could never get a consistent mix so I switch to Red Sea coral pro when I set up my 75g, I have been looking for something new that might be better so I purchased a bucket of Brightwell reef salt. It certainly smells different from any other salt I have ever used. It mixed up great, good reef levels across the board. I did a 15g water change and within 2-3 days my tang died, and two of my large montipora/chalice corals have RTN taking most of the colonies. ...
  3. Helicon Focus 2

    If you havent read my original post on Helicon Focus visit the link. If you have looked over the post I commend you for your ongoing attention or something like that...

    I was unimpressed with my first attempt at a stacked image for DOF (depth of field) using Helicon Focus. The first time is never the best, just ask a married couple. Anyway, I shot the original gambit of images at f2.8, again look at the link if you want to see those shots, giving very little DOF and missing small sections ...

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  4. Helicon Focus

    I have been inspired by Gary Parr to try some composite images for extreme depth of field, impossible sharpness for a single shot. He uses Helicon Focus to stack multiple images into a composite single image making everything tack sharp. This is my first attempt. I was using an f stop of 2.8 aka wide open and next time I will try this again with more images and also try it at f5.6, f8, and f11 to see what gives me the best results.


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  5. The 75g returns from hiding

    The 75 has been running since Nov 16th 2008. You can see the build thread here 75g Money Sink. It is hard to believe it has been over a year.

    I have been away from TR and the reef life for a few months and the tank has suffered. The tank was cooking along pretty well but personal havoc claimed a good portion of my corals. I was building a diverse selection of acros and other sps corals but neglect claimed the majority of the sensitive species. The montis and chalice corals have grown ...

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