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Thread: feeding a brittle star...

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    feeding a brittle star...

    Hey guys,
    I have about 4 - 5 brittles in my 75 gallon (they hiked in on rocks from the LFS). In getting a few monster bristle worms out, the stars go crazy for the trap, trying to dive into it. I try to spot feed the stars I can see with mysis now and then, but I'm wondering if it's okay/better to 'hand' them a tiny bit of silverside, or a freeze-dried krill? The smallest is about 5-6" across, but the biggest is easily a foot from leg tip to leg tip.

    I know they're part of the CUC, but their size makes me wonder if they will potentially starve to death, because they compete with 30 itty bitty hermits, 6 nessarius, and obviously some bristle worms. I'd really really hate for them to starve to death.

    Any thoughts are awesome.

    Also, I caught, with a NET, a little green mantis shrimp last night that came out for a look during feeding time.. A true miracle that he was clumsy enough to let me catch him. Was gonna turn him into an LFS but I decided to keep him in a little species container with holes drilled in it, down in my sump/fuge. Going to name him the green goblin for now and see how big he gets... if too big, he's gone =)

    (pardon the pic, SO blurry)

    Take care everyone,

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    I used to feed mine small pieces of raw shrimp, but I only had one. Might be kinda tedious with a bunch of them.
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    they usualy are pretty good at pulling stuff out of the water. as fat as the bristle worms,leave em in there, they are awe inspiring detrius cleaners. they can get into places to clean that you cant even emagine getting into to clean.
    we are all on the long road to our dream tanks, im going slow and enjoying the journey!

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