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Thread: Baby blue Hippo acting funny

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    Question Baby blue Hippo acting funny

    Whats up guys I was out last Sunday and got a new blue hippo I have him in my qt on Monday he was fine swimming around he started staying under a pice of live rock on Tuesday but came out several times to eat but so far today he or she is staying under the rock I shined a light to see if he was ok but he went deeper into the hole did a water test all is good what do you think no white spots that I can see I wanted to leave him in ot for at least 60 days while my new tank gets ready I plan to put him into a 120 gal but it hasen't cycled yet Am I just being over concerned? my QT has been up and running for over a year now I have used it many time before with no problems .Any advice would be great!!

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    It’s possible you Blue Hippo is scared to death. No pun intended. Barring any visible signs of disease, he’ll probably be OK.

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    He is just shy. I have one that is 4" that does the same thing.

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    I agree he is just scared perfectly normal as long as hes not showing any signs of ich he will make it.
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