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Thread: Some clams that came with a live rock purchase

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    Some clams that came with a live rock purchase

    I bought a 8 pound live rock the other week. On the end, it looked as if a couple of clams died, and the rock embeded itself around the shells. There is a total of 3. And I thought they were dead because that have plants, and other items growing off the shell.

    All three of them have opened up, and have been moving, so I now know they are alive. The thing that is throwing me for a loop, is they are not attached by a foot on the outside of the shell, but but the mouth. Meaning, something is coming out of the part that opens, and is attachd the the rock.

    What do I have??

    Also on the rock, I have gotten tons of baby feather dusters, what looks like a baby curly cue anemone, maybe a sponge, and plus who knows what else.

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    I have tiny clams on my rock too. They are a good filter feeder.

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    I agree with Carmie they are great filters for you tank. Looks like you got a whole bunch of great hitchhikers with that rock Congrats.
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    Sounds like you got a lot of freebies. You'll probaly notice many things about your LR as time goes on. Enjoy!

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    when I purchased my lr i had 8-10 clams they are so fun! I love the clams! Enjoy them

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