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Thread: Please Read Before Posting

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    Please Read Before Posting

    Hello, and Welcome to the TR contest forum. This is the forum where you get information about the current and past contests there is a sub-forum for your actual entry into the various TalkingReef Contests.

    While each contest will have its own specific rules, that will outrank the rules stated here, below is an outline for participating in, and voting(when applicable) in TalkingReef contests that we have.

    Please follow the below rules when posting/participating in a contest.
    1.) Only forum members can participate (registrations is free)

    2.) Only one submission per member.

    3.) Submissions will be made in the form of a post. All posts/submitions are final, and cannot be edited or deleted once it has been submitted.(some contest may allow follow up posts to add additional info. Because of this is is important to make sure you submission it is accurate before submitting.

    4.) In the event a modification to your post is needed, please contact a moderator, and your submissions can be updated, if the update is approved my a moderator.

    5.) Voting will likely take place in a second thread from the submission thread.

    6.) This forum will commonly remain locked when contested are not being run, which means posting will not be allowed unless there is a current contest.

    7.) TR owners/moderators reserve the right to over rule all member voting in the event that foul play is in question.

    All rules are subject to change, any changes will be posted here, or in the contest thread

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