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    Wave Machine


    Can you please tell me of the different models/types of wave makers available? I am looking for one for a Red Sea Max 250 and really don't want to rush out and buy one until I know what’s out there.



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    I tried out the $500 Hydro Koralia deal with 2 heads and they sucked. The flow wasn't what they advertise and one of the pumps rattled right off the bat. Called and they said i didn't have a part (which isn't in their product diagrams - said they would send. Don't bother with these - they are el-cheapo and don't point the directions you want to point them in. Also - know that you need special wavemaker type pumps that can take the constant on/off - they have different motors. If you put a standard powerhead on a switch they just burn out quick (within a year - or less)... also - don't think you need the flow you do - most LPS hates it. if you are sps - feel free to blow them our of the water - but make sure your fish don't get sucked in. Even the strongest ones do..

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    every coral needs good random flow. Pointing a power head directly at a sps coral is not a great idea nor is it good for lps...but remember the ocean has way more flow than we can or will make, you wont hurt your LPS corals with 30x turnover or more as long as it is non direct and random flow.

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