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    Smile I am Back

    Sorry to have missed all the excitement over the last several weeks. I had a computer crash and was out of the loop for quite a while. I did recieve Rob's E-mail to come back. But it was not my intention to leave.

    While I was out of the loop Several new things have happened in my life some good some bad.

    The bad:
    * My adult kid's are now back at home ... so much for the empty nest.
    * I have put all tank builds on hold.

    The good:
    * I am moving soon into my new Home ... The reason for putting tank builds on hold.

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    Hi Wes and back! I'll be looking forward to seeing your tank build(s) in your new home.

    Only disasters happen fast!

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    Glad to have you back Wes. I'm thinking you lucked out with being able to wait to set up your tank until you move. It's so much easier than having to take one down and then put it back up. That's some major work there.

    The empty nest dream is a myth. 2 out of my three kids have moved back for for a spell to heal their wings and then fly off again. I'm just glad they didn't do it at the same time as they have a slew of friends! I feel your pain.
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    wes ? wes who?

    welcome back, once again you forgot the beer. mate, cant take you

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    Welcome back wes. Cant wait to see your new tank builds.
    Ray or Raymond
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