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Thread: Practical coral farming : By miguel tolosa

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    Practical coral farming : By miguel tolosa

    A while back, I spoke with Miguel about using one of my articles here on talkingreef in a new coral farming book he was writing. I had done a lot of business with Miguel on his website fragglereef and being that my articles are exclusive to TR, we can up with an agreement to help advertise his book when it was released. Well, today i got the book in the mail and i am very impressed with it. Please help to support Miguel in this venture. he just wants to break even on the publishing fees, and is not out to make any money on it. He has a very deep love for what he does, this the reason for the book and not wanting to make money on it. Also, check out his website ... he has some very nice stuff on there and his customer service and prices are very hard to beat.

    Here is a link to his book, at $19.99 per book ... it is one worth having if you ever plan on doing any fragging of your own, or think that you might want to start a coral farm.

    practical coral farming : by miguel tolosa

    a discussion thread for the book has been started here discussion thread here
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    Water ...
    Custom 4x2x1 60 gallon, 40B sump

    Equipment ...
    6x54w HO T5 fixture, 300+g rated Frankenskimmer, ATO, 3 Media Reactors (1 p04, 1 N03, 1 Carbon)

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