Acropora Hyacinthus

Acropora Hyacinthus is a VERY difficult coral to keep happy. It will require excellent water quality and flow to maintain its health in captivity. Like other Tabling Acros, the flow pattern and direction will dictate the growth pattern.

Lighting requirements : Very High/Intense Lighting

I personally do not believe that anything other than Metal Halide (maybe high wattage of T5) lighting will be of any help in keeping this extremely light demanding coral healthy in a home aquarium. Without intense light this coral is likely to loose its coloration.

Flow Requirements : High to Very High

I feel that flow is JUST AS IMPORTANT as lighting when it comes to keeping SPS corals healthy. With this particular coral (or ANY SPS coral for that matter) you want a strong, but indirect flow. With Tabling Acros the flow pattern will also help in dictating the growth pattern of this coral.

Water Parameters :EXCELLENT / STABLE

I believe that A. Hyacinthus is one of the more sensitive SPS corals when it comes to water quality. Calcium, Alk, and Mag. need to be stable and consistent with minimal Phosphate, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Ammonia. If your tank cycle is over ... you should have 0's across the board on the last 4 and super flow to insure that this coral species is properly cared for.

Salinity 35 ppt
Calcium 380-450
Alk 2.5-4.5 m/l or 7-12 dkh
Mag 1250-1350
Phosphate <0.03 ppm*
Nitrates <1.0*

Care Level : Difficult