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    Control Aptaisia

    Having Problems with pest anemones?
    If you haven't tried peppermint shrimp I would suggest you start there. Getting rid of anemones and other pests using kalk should be used as a last option. Improper usage and too much released into the tank can cause problems with tank levels as well as kill other corals.

    Here is how it worked for me..

    Here is a picture of a Pest Anemone.

    First purchase the Kalk. I use Kent Kalkwasser..

    OK first off you will need a syringe needle.
    If you cant find a syringe needle, just use a syringe without a needle and try and get it as close to the pest as possible. It might take a few attempts over a few weeks since the kalk isn't hitting the inside directly. And make the mixture a little stronger until you get a paste. The paste will stick to the anemone and effect it more. If you have any corals near the anemone I would recommend moving them during the process..

    If you have a syringe needle.
    Simply mix up the kalk as best as you can until it is milky white. Take the needle and fill the needle with the kalk. Then stick the anemone with the needle and gently release some of the kalk into the anemone. Just start out with a little bit of kalk until you get the hang of it.. If in fact you feel resistance then stop and check the needle. Very fine needles are known to get clogged from Kalk.

    If you release a little kalk into the water it should be fine, However try not to release a lot for it can screw with your tank levels and possibly harm other corals on contact..

    here is a picture of the process..

    I would recommend starting off with small doses until you feel you are in fact comfortable using this method. I would also recommend using kalk once every week to 9 days until completely satisfied with the results. Pest anemones can take up to a week before they vanish. It is not uncommon for pest anemones to reappear later. Simply repeat the process.

    If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask..
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    I had some in my tank, I used Joe's Juice to get rid of it. I tried peppermints at first, but I think it was too big for them to get. Now I am free and clear. Thaks for another great DIY segment Rob!

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    Wow! This is a cool feature....publishing tools! yeah!

    Thanks for the tip Rob! I had some when I first started up my tank. I have no idea what ate them up though...they're gone now.

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    I have used lemon juice, injecting into the base and they are gone in two days.

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