Hi having a major problem with my reef tank after Sandy, I have a 72 Gal bowfront with live rock and sand and a 30 gal refugium wet/dry. Lighting is 72 led 210 watt and 20 led light on refugium ,
Sandy killed almost all of the reef except 2 Clown fish , 14 days no electric , my problem is that I have started to try to return the reef to its former glory , got the salinity back to .25 and also lower the phosphates to nil, PH is in the 8.0-8.1 range,but the nitrates are through the roof at 100 ppm. I broke down the refugium all new live sand ,and started using AZ-NO3 to florish the tank with bacteria , do you have any suggestions to what else to do for my tank to bring it back . thanks