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Thread: Upgrading what do you think

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    Upgrading what do you think

    I'm thinking of upgrading to the "Nuvo nano 24"Nuvo Nano 24 Black Aquarium Only by Innovative Marine

    Innovative Marine Nano NUVO24 Aquarium - Perspective Redesigned

    Reward yourself with newest addition to NUVO Desktop Series, the perfect blend of unique beauty & customizable function. Innovative Marine has redesigned the "traditional" nano, by offering an impressive 36" of panoramic viewing & providing more valuable real estate to create limitless aquascapes. Enjoy crystal clear water powered by a 476 GPH pump with dual overflow intakes, dual media baskets, dual flare nozzles, and enlarged baffle columns that easily accommodate (2) MiniMax media reactors & (1) SkimMate protein skimmer.
    Showcase your new living art on our custom acrylic pedestal to create a focal point wherever it's placed.

    Innovative Marine Nuvo Nano 24 Gallon Aquarium Features:
    24 Gallon Capacity
    6 mm Bent Glass
    Tempered Glass Lid & Clips
    Acrylic Pedestal
    DIMS (36 x 12.2 x 13)
    Available in Black or White
    Acrylic Filter Wall w/ Dual Overflows
    (2) Media Baskets
    Mechanical SpongesActivated Carbon Sponges
    Phosphate Sponges
    (2) Flare Nozzles
    Designated Expanded Water Column
    Accommodates (1) MiniMax Reactor (Bio Pellets) & (1) SkimMate Protein Skimmer (Sold Separately)

    With this light

    Innovative Marine Skkye Light Dimmable DUAL Strip 36", 38 Watts, Black

    Experience the evolution of the All-In-One LED fixture with streamline design

    and straight forward innovation. Customize the spectrum & intensity of your aquarium with the simple twist of a dial.

    We offer the perfect fusion of high output LEDs for a complete illumination experience including daylight, sunrise/sunset, and lunar cycles. Onboard solid state rotary dials with on/off switches allow for fine tuning for color preference and acclimation within seconds.


    1 Watt High Brightness LEDs
    120 lumens per watt
    2 Sliding Rods & Aluminum Casing
    Individual Reflectors for uniform coverage
    Passive Cooling Silent Operation
    Modern slim design
    Pulse Width Modulation Dimming
    Color Spectrum Range 14K to 20K
    2 Channel Dimming Daylight & Actinic
    3 Cycle Illumination
    14K Daylight
    456nm Sunrise/Sunset
    446nm Lunar
    Size: 36"x3.5x3"
    Watts: 38W
    Daylight Spectrum: 18 x 1W
    Actinic Spectrum: 18 x 1W
    Lunar Spectrum: 4 x 0.5W
    Independent Power Cords + Cord Organizer

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    I like the look and dimensions of the tank a lot! The long profile gives you lots of surface area for O2 exchange and the shallow depth maximizes the strength of your lights. The lights look good too. I am dubious about the media baskets, I think that they would tend to raise nitrates.

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    I think your right about the baskets. I would remove the media and load them up with LR rubble. Or try to turn the back chambers into a small refugium.

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