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Thread: Advice for all us rookies

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    Quote Originally Posted by veriann View Post
    even going one step futher with the not adding the bag into the display.
    i take a bucket of tank water & float the purchase in this. i use the magnet to hold the bags to the side of the tank stand(which is metal) to keep the bag suspended whilst i add my acclimation water
    This is a FANTASTIC idea. I am always struggling with a chip clip or some rigged up disaster. Great idea!!

    another great piece of advice I have found over time is to get a good turkey baster! invaluable for all kinds of jobs.

    and of course the old ' nothing happens fast in an aquarium except for disaster' patience, patience, patience.
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    I would like to add something to what i started

    1. I started a reef tank back in march 2006, well i never thought i would be where i am now. I work at a local fish store part time and i love what i do. After helping customers and trying to get them to research stuff on there own and come with there own answers instead of listening to one person and sticking to that answer. Now if that person is very educated then it might not be a bad idea, but you still need to research before you search because when its all said and done it is still in your hands. I guess what i am trying to say is always research on your own and try not to listen to just one person. What worked right for one person doesn't always work the same for someone else so take every experience with knowledge.

    Ok I'm done rambling lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by wwest View Post
    LFS Water, When buying coral's and fish at the fish store never dump the bag into your tank, that little bit of water can mess your hole tank up..
    To add on to this, i work at PetCO as the aquatic specialist, (in training at the moment), and i wouldn't put the water from our system in anything. to be honest, i wouldnt' even buy saltwater fish from us, because were not even allowed to treat our sick fish, and they just stay in the tank. not all the stores are like that however, and im trying to get ours changed. but when you do bring a fish home, one of the best tools you can have is a quarantine/hospital tank. these can let you observe your new fish for anything wrong, and treat any sick fish you might notice in your tank, and it helps bring acclimation time down a good bit!
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    Hi Casey and to TR.

    Only disasters happen fast!

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    ok, this may be hokey, and I probablydidnt invent the wheel on this one either, but I discovered that with the larger packages of siversides and krill, Its easier to semi-thaw (just enough to break it apart) and freeze inividual servings (like for my anemone) in ice cube trays wih fresh water.
    wow, time to update!!

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    add a lil something that iv been told by many people
    when feeding your fish fbs dont throw the whole cube in
    put it in to a cup of ro water so it could melt and then using a net put the shrimp in to the tank
    doing so you wont put any "extra" unwanted stuff in to your dt

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