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    Ok, So no one from the site has responded to any my posts that I have done as if I was blacklisted but I need some advice. I think my clownfish have bred. There is a section of rock about an inch square that has this clear and silvery looking tindrels coming off with two black dots on the ends. The male is very protective of it and is always blowing water across it. Anyway, I searched online and it looks like this. Greg Rothschild Photography Currently in the tank: blue tang (4 inch long, 2 inch tall). Yellow tang 3x2. Royal Gramma, Cardini (zebra looking fish), Tuxedo urchin(pincussion). Hermits and emeralds. Of the star fish the brittle stars have seemingly climbed over the sump flow and are otherwise out of the way. But I had 2 in the main tank, small 5 inchers and they seemed to have bread. I have tons of little brittles growing. some 1.5 inch tip. I know they are brittles though because the coloration and they are much larger than the micro brittles like I have in the top tank. I also have been fighting hair algae and of course as of its presence the test levels are 0. I need some advice to see these little fellows through. I figure I will be getting a divider to section off part of the tank.I have my 20 G nano coral farm still that I can move them to when the time comes, but need advice on maintaining them in the 55 G until such time.
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    Sorry Papa, I was away for the weekend. I haven't ever bred clowns but I think that you have to have a totally separate tank for the eggs because of the stages they go through.

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