After letting the asterinas grow to plague proportions, I had to step in. Some of them grew to the size of a dime and started eating corals. I lost almost all my zoas and they cut down a lot of trees. I took some pics of the coral munchers and my solution.

When corals started being eaten,I pulled out 11 stars this size.

Since then I have pulled out 100's of little 1/8" ones and about 2 dozen big ones. I was moving rock around and found so many more I wanted to puke. I've been waiting for 2 months for this guy and it showed up yesterday.

After a couple hours in the bag, I let him go and it sank about 2" then swam over to a dime sized star, latched on and had dinner. I ran for the camera when I saw it attack the star and got a short vid.
24 hours later....haven't seen it without a star in it's face yet. Little bugger's in Here is the vid right after I let it go.

I've read a bunch on the care of these guys and just want to say...After it relieves my star problem,It's going to a friend of mine's tank with a larger population than me. In that time I'm going to add the sump and such so I can hopefully be able to feed the harley without fouling the water that much.