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Thread: There are some unwanted hitchhikers, too - the Nasty Nudies

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    There are some unwanted hitchhikers, too - the Nasty Nudies

    Keep alert to unwanted hitchhikers.

    These nasty zoanthid eating nudibranches came in recently. Luckily, or perhaps fortunately, I check all incoming shipments of corals for pests and religiously dip in Coral RX. Be aware that Coral RX - DOES NOT KILL ALL PESTS!!! It only discourages them from being on the coral you are dipping. Many reefers are under the impression Coral RX kills pests. It does not! It may make them sick and let go their hold on the coral BUT it is just as likely that the pest will hold on for dear life. Itís possible these hatched AFTER treatment in Coral RX. Iím NOT suggesting not to use Coral RX just alerting you to the fact, Coral RX has itís limitations. Just be aware pests have been on earth long before man and his preventative inventions. Itís very possible pests will be here after weíre gone.

    When the Zoanthids did not open after a few days in the system, I took my trusty 6Ē magnifying glass and went on the hunt. I knew something was amiss when the Zoanthids werenít responding to prime conditions.

    I suggest the 6Ē glass magnifying glass is a must piece of equipment in the reefers tool chest. Itís great for viewing things in the reef tank and elsewhere.


    Good Luck comes to those who research and prepare.

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    Good catch!

    Only disasters happen fast!

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