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Thread: Acan Issue

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    hey carmie!! Whats happinin!! Hope all is GOOD!! any week that I make it out of kindergarten alive is a good week!!
    I have to say, as much as I love you PHIB!!!! Why have the meeting on the same day as the frag swap!!! Let alone, "Where was my meeting invite??" Ok my bad, havent been in touch much, but c'mon!! Went to the swap, saw Phibs logo on some raffle stuff, chatted with a couple of possible cronies, I think 'shake and bake" was a name I remember! Anyway, glad to see I wasnt pulled off the sight cause of my paypal dropping me!! Phib, need some stuff! My phone is history which means so is your number! Tried the 888# would rather have the DIRECT LINE!!!! call me!
    wow, time to update!!

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    Hey Laura, everything is good here. I am working on my Master's so school is taking up a lot of my spare time these days. Hubby has finished his degree and has a new job. The pay is a little less than what he was making but he enjoys the work, it is closer to home and with a company that really seems to care about their employees so he is happy.

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