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Thread: Tang advice needed

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    Tang advice needed

    I have a 125 gallon main display tank. As of right now I have a powder blue tang. I am wanting to add a unicorn or a shoal tang to the tang. How can I do this without one of them killing the other. I had thought when I get a new tang to get one that is smaller than my powder blue who is about 3 to 4 inches long. This way the powder blue does not feel threatened. I also thought about taking the powder blue out of the mains display tank and put him into another tank for about two weeks and the introducing him and the other tang to the tank at the same time. Hoping he would have forgot about his established territory by then. Any body have any suggestions how to remedy this situation.

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    I think that both those species are too big for your 125. Unicorns get HUGE, like 2 feel long and sohals still get over a foot long. That being said, my first advice is to use a QT tank before introducing any new fish and especially a tang. They are notorious ich magnets and moving them can be enough stress to make it show up. Once you have QT'd the new fish for a month then you can introduce it. The rule of thumb is to get a tang with a different shape and you are less likely to have problems. Rearranging the aquascape can also help reduce aggression.

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    I would not remove the Powder Blue. The Powder Blue tangs are very delicate and stress very easy and certainly would not take a chance on loosing it just to add another tang. Generally, a tang of a different shape and color should be okay but...... that is not always the case and you should be prepared to remove the new tang in the event they don't get along.

    I personally would choose another fish as opposed to taking a chance on harming the PB.

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