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Thread: Booster pump?

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    Booster pump?

    I have a 100gpd Aquasafe Maximus II System. I have been thinking should i get a booster pump for it. I have ok water presser not sure what psi. My TDS coming in usely 22-25. I will be staring my 120g build soon.

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    i dont think that you will need one. i have decent water pressure and my 75gpd unit does just fine. i just make sure to keep enough fresh and salt water on hand.
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    Increasing the pressure up to 90-100 psi can raise your rejection or removal efficiency several percentage points. In your case you have low TDS so it will not be as dramatic as for someone such as myself with high TDS in the 500-800 range. Pressure will also overcome the effects of cold water and again raise both the rejection rate and the GPD.

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