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How do i post external images?

Posting pictures are easy and a great way to show off your tank or even find an I.D. on something

There is one rule to posting images, you MUST own the rights to the image, Talkingreef will not allow you to post images that dont not belong to you unless the source of the image is properly credited, if you have any questiosn regarding the image, please contact a Talkingreef Moderator

There are two different methods to posting pictures, the first method is using an outside host like Photobucket or Imageshack. The most common is Photobucket.
The first thing you want to do is to create an account and upload your picture to your image hosting service you used.
After the image is uploaded and you select it, you will see three lines under the picture as shown below.

These lines are for you to copy the info you need to post in a different place. The first line is raw data. Raw data is the destination for the image. For example, this is needed if you want to post a text link to that picture.

Example: Click here to see a picture

The next line is for HTML web developing or other forums that let you use advanced coding. This option is mostly used for personal web pages.

The next code is what most forums use to post pictures. If you copy this line and paste it inside of a post message box on Talkingreef you will not have to take additional steps for the picture to be shown.
[ img] is the start of the code and [ /img] is to close the command out and display the image, the URL to the image is show between these two tags.

If you want to post a picture and you only know the raw data for the location of the image simply click on the yellow box with the mountains in the back ground.

Once you have clicked this image simply paste the raw data into the field and click "ok" and you are done. THis method is usefull if you are posting an image from your personal website or from another website where you have the rights to distribute said image.

How do i add attachements to my posts?

You MUST own the rights to the image or document, Talkingreef will not allow you to post images or other files that dont not belong to you unless the source of the file is properly credited, if you have any questiosn regarding the file, please contact a Talkingreef Moderator

If you don't have a image host like photobucket or imageshack you can attach the file to the thread. The only down fall there is is that the user that wants to view a larger view of the image has to click on the image. Once they click the image it either opens in a new tab, a new window or in the present frame.

Here is how it's done.

After you have determined which picture you would like to post simply click on the paper clip . This is located in formating bar of the post message box.

Once you have clicked the paper clip a window will open that will look something like this.

Click on the first browse button and a window will open.
This window is for you to locate and select the image you want to upload.

Once you have selected the image click on "ok".

When the window disappears you will see the window that opened when you clicked on the paperclip, Except to the left of the browse button there is text now.

If you want to upload more than one just click on the second browse button and repeat the steps. After you are finished selecting your image simply click upload.

Depending on the type of internet connection you have it might take some time for the image to upload.

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