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How to i download podcasts automatically with a client? (Talkingreef recommended method)

Talkingreef recommend that you subscribe to the podcast shows using a podcast client.
In this example we will show how to do this using iTunes
Click here for the lastest version of iTunes

Subscribing to a podcast is a simply way of downloading the newest podcasts and vidcasts. What most people like about subscribing is that all you have to do is open iTunes and walk away. When you are subscribes iTunes will check back with Talkingreef everyday, and automatically download all new podcast shows as they are release. This is all done automatically for you.

1.) If you have itunes installed and you are ready to subscribe, you can simple click here subscribe with itunes then skip to step 5

2.) After iTunes is installed properly simply open iTunes and on the left side of the screen click on "iTunes Store"

3.) Once the main page for iTunes store is finished downloading just type in "Talkingreef" into the search field located on the top right hand side of your screen.

4.) Once is has located the talkingreef info you will see the results as this.

5.) Simply click on the subscribe button and let it load.

6.) Once the download is complete click on the section to the top left that says "podcasts". Select the podcast and click play.

Depending on the type of internet connection you have it might take some time for the podcast to download

How to i download podcasts without itunes or another client?

To play standard audio Podcasts, you will need a simple MP3 player on your computer such as iTunes, Windows Media Player or Quicktime Once you have found the podcast you would like to download and have installed the software noted above, simply right click the "pod" image () Once the menu opens, and click where it says "Save Link As" in Firefox or "Save Target As" in Internet Explorer.

The image below is demonstrated using Firefox.
If you down already have Firefox, you can download it here

After you clicked "Save As" you will see a window something like this.

Once this window pops up, select the destination where you would like the podcast to be downloaded to.

After you have selected the folder, you can change the file name to whatever you would like. I normally shorten the show title, as shown in this picture.

Once you have completed these steps simply click save.

Depending on the type of internet connection you have it might take some time for the podcast to download

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