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75g 10-25-10

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I had some issues switching salts, I got all those figured out...Lost some corals and my tangs. So long powder brown and kole eye...

My tank has been running well for the last few months and I thought I should post an update.

I just added a baby black and white clown which has befriended my mature b&w. I am hoping I can get some babies out of them in a year or so, that would be a fun adventure.

I also added an angel. It hasnt touched any of my LPS corals! hurray for that. The large clown and the angel despise one another but it usually is just shown with charges and stern looks from the anemone.

I also have not done a water change in months. Since I had the crash associated with my new salt. I have zero unwanted algae and everything looks happy. I have been keeping levels up with Oceans Blends 2 part. I also harvest a large crop of ccaulerpa and cheto monthly.

I will be changing out my old t5s for new ones mine are sitting at 16 months! I know 11 months is the due date..

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