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Raymond's 10 gallon nano

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01 - 21 - 2010Started nano tank

Well today I got a wild hair and decided to take down my 60 gallon early and set up my 10 gallon nano. As of right now the dust storm has cleared and all my corals are doing ok. I lost my firefish in the move. I have no clue why I have bad luck with firefish but it seems like every time I get one it dies in a month or two. And it also looks like I may have lost a snail but really don't know right now he does not stink. I went ahead and used all my LR in this tank its kind of overcrowded but it still looks ok. I also used my T5 fixture from my 60 gallon tank for this 10 gallon its a little too big but it gives the light I need so I'm happy. Here is a pic of my tank when I first set it up. I will take a photo and post it when it clears up later.

01 - 22 - 2010update picture tank cleared

01 - 23 - 2010 Update Tank parameters

Ammonia: 0
Nitrate: 20
Nitrite: 0.05
PH: 8.1
Alk: 1.6
Ca: 200

I need to get nitrates down, calcium and alk up and will be doing this till they get to normals. So far my corals are doing fine despite the raise in Nitrates to me this is very weird.

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  1. CarmieJo's Avatar
    Sounds like you are off to a good start Raymond! Sorry about the firefish.
  2. rayme07's Avatar
    Thanks Carmie. I will be posting a pic of the tank clear soon. This tank looks so weird to me I am used to having a big tank and now I have this small 10 gallon. I actually like it better than my 60 gallon.
  3. SaltyDawg's Avatar
    Looks good. With that volume of water, keep your test kits and pre mixed water handy. The biggest concerne would be with the RBTA, but I'm not telling you anything that you dont already know. It wont take long to determine what kind of schedule you will need to keep, just stick to it. I let mine go for a couple weeks once and I'm surprised I didn't kill everything. I bet you will do just fine and look forward to seeing the progress.
  4. V's Avatar
    6-9 months little dude, then you have a bullet proof tank with the same grace factors we experience in our others. Its not to say you actively let anything slip, it just means you wont total your tank so easily.

    ATO & reliable temp is your biggest friend. If you dont have an ATO unit, get creative & use a pep bottle upside down at the water line, as your water line drops it will add your volume. Consider it a poor mans ATO.

    I didn't see a sump though, so hiding it will take alittle extra thought.
  5. rayme07's Avatar
    Thanks salty dawg and V.

    salty dawg, yep water and test kits are my priority I test and water change once a week and make sure this tank stays healthy and happy. The RBTA is one of my worry's too he has stayed the same size since I bought him but now since I put him in this tank he looks like he is happier and is open a lot more which makes me happy but I hope he don't grow to quickly or else I will have a problem. I guess a better excuse to get a bigger tank later on.

    V, Yep I am dedicated to getting this tank successful. I do not plan on letting anything slip and every week will be doing water changes and keeping my params at check. Actually I remember a video cast I saw on here about making a DIY ATO and liked it so I may try that. For this tank I do not have a sump because I have no room for it or a skimmer but I will be making that up with water changes and any extra that may be needed.