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New Light for the Nano!

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I won a Marineland Reef Capable LED fixture at MACNA. (Thanks Dick!) It is just the right size for my nano and I think it looks really nice!

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  1. Isaac's Avatar
    Awsome looking nano, your aquascaping looks pro any tips?
  2. Skurvey Dog's Avatar
    I can't find another more deserving of winning something you really liked. Glad something good happened for you. Hugs & much love. Your MIA sister.
  3. CarmieJo's Avatar
    Here are pics of the nano with the PC hood (bulbs a couple months old) and LED. They were taken with the camera on a tripod, 1/60 second, f 5.0 and I did no processing on them.

    PC Hood

  4. saltaddict's Avatar
    OK - so the LED's are brighter than the PC's. What is your feel for them in person?

    Thanks so much.
  5. CarmieJo's Avatar
    I think the LED's "look" even brighter than the PC's in person than the camera shot shows and of course they give you shimmer. All my corals are doing good. I have a frogspawn that had gotten knocked behind a rock and lost most of its polyps that is doing really good under the LED's.
  6. CarmieJo's Avatar
    The corals, softies, LPS and some blue ridge coral, in the nano continue to look good under the LED fixture.