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Raymond's 60 gallon mixed reef tank

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03 - 20 - 2009 Started the tank

Hi everyone I would like to say that this is my first tank thread since joining this sight and I am really excited to get it started. First I will like to tell you a little about my past 60 gallon. When I first started out I went the lazy way I didn't get any LR and I got 2 fish a tang and a clown. I was not thinking and being a that I didn't think about a cycle well my tank went on through cycling until I went to my LFS and just about when I was going to buy a BTA she stopped and then asked me what state my tank was in so I told her new and she made me go right on home and wait till my cycle was over before I got anything else. So after about 3 months of going through spikes of the nitrates and nitrites my tank was done. Then I went down and bought more fish so long story short after 2 ich out breaks 1 marine velvet out break and head and lateral line syndrome I finally learned my lesson and I cant forget all of the wonderful help I got from TR. Sorry if my story sounded confusing.

So now I am proud to say that I am going to start a new tank the right way with a few twists. So far I got all my sand, saltwater, and for base rock I am using lava rock (just to be a tester for it saw a thread about it and got curious) is in the tank right now and tomorrow I hope to get around 15 to 25 pounds of LR to start off the cycle then hope to get some more later when I get more money to finish the cycle. And for filtration I plan on getting a 10 or 20 gallon tank put some baffles in it and put a protein skimmer in. I hope this thread is fun and everyone including myself learns a lot.

FTS for tonight

03 - 21 - 2009Bough some live rock

Well Today I went with my dad and got some LR for my tank. Me and my dad had fun looking for the best rocks and weighting them. I got 5 dollars off the rock from the LFS owner so today is a great day. Here's a pic of the rock. Ill be getting an update FTS as soon as the tank clears.

03 - 24 - 2009I can see clearly now/ bough more LR/ and new T5 light came it.

Hi everyone after 2 weeks of waiting due to back order I finally got my lights. Also with my parents help (cant forget them) I got the last of my LR. The pics are below. Enjoy

The new pieces of LR

Here's the FTS with the new lights.

04 - 22 - 20095 Week update

Its been 5 weeks since I have started up my tank and all my parameters are in good standing my nitrates have went down to 0.05 then down to 0. So I went out and bought 4 hermits to see how they do. They have done perfect they have ate so much algae one has even changed shells already. Here's some pics of the crabs.

04 - 30 - 2009Bought my first fish

Hi everyone, It has been officially 3 weeks since I put my firefish in my QT and since this week was my 6th week of it cycling I checked all my parameters and everything was the same at 0 so I went ahead and added him. After I acclimated him he was kind of shy but soon he came out and now he is all over the tank eating and enjoying the current. This is the most spunkiest little firefish I have ever had and I love him.

05 - 28 - 2009New additions

Hi everyone its been awhile since I last updated. Well this Monday When I came home from the mountains I found my firefish dead he was crushed under a loose rock that I was sure I checked to make sure it wasn't loose. So I took him out and cleaned the tank. Then yesterday my dad said that he wanted to go to the LFS and look at stuff so I asked to wait for a bit so I could check my parameters and everything was fine so I added a couple frags that I found at the LFS. The first picture is a torch coral and the second one is a hairy mushroom with a small purple mushroom attached with it. I got both for $18.00 each. I am so excited these are my first corals and they are looking great except the purple shroom he still looks shocked but it looks like hes going to make it.

07 - 10 - 2009Update and new additions

Well after my torch died mysteriously my tank did pretty good and so did my remaining coral the hairy mushroom. Then one day he got all droopy and soon about a week after started melting away then was gone all together it disappointed me a lot and I didn't want to buy anything more no fish, cuc or coral until I figured it out. Then I took my water to the LFS and had him test it and I found out I had a ammonia spike which probably caused them to dye so I bought a new test kit and fixed it. Now a month later all my parameters are perfect and I went out and got a new coral I think its called a cup coral (I will post pics later) and I also got some cheato which was needed to take some of my small remaining phosphates out of my tank. Soon I am going to do a DIY T5 light fixture that I will show you guys that me and my dad will be making so I can get some of the extrema high light corals.

Update full tank shot

07 - 11 - 2009New additions

Well today after hard work and waking up at 5 am to do a yard sell day I have earned enough to get another coral I found at the LFS yesterday. I think I got a great deal Its a colony of 3 different types of zoes and a Aquacultured Rose Bubble Tip Anemone about the size of a quarter. He said that when he had it in his frag tank the BTA climbed on board the colony and he was trying to allow it to come off but he said that since I was willing to take both he would give me it for $75 I don't know if it was a good deal but in my eyes it was and I worked a sweat for it. This is the last coral or anything I am getting for a month to allow the bio load to catch up.

11 - 07 - 2009FTS and New additions

It has been a while since I have updated my thread. There has not been much that has changed. Today I went to the LFS with my dad looking around and decided to come home with two peppermint shrimp and a emerald crab. Pics below. Enjoy!

Here is an update FTS.

11 - 22 - 2009New additions

Well after a few weeks I decided its time to get a little more color in my tank and went out and bought a couple corals. The first one was a brain coral and the second was a frag of a sun coral.

01 - 15 - 2010Have to dismantle tank

Well my tank is doing great and stuff but starting next weekend I am going to have to downsize to a 10 gallon due to no money coming in and I need to save up more for MACNA but with this tank its sucking all my money out of my wallet that I get. But soon I hope to upgrade to a bigger tank sometime down the road I am thinking maybe a 120 to 200 gallon. I am looking for a job and I will be giving out resumes and filling out job applications next week. So I will be saving for two things now MACNA and for a bigger tank. Thanks to all who helped out and supported without you this tank wouldn't of been here.

01 - 21 - 2010End

This tank has officially been taken down I have started a 10 gallon nano and it is in its place. I will soon post it on my blog. This tank was a real joy to have and I loved it, but unfortunately things happen and I really want to go to MACNA this next September so it had to be done. I soon hope in a year or more to start up a larger 150 to 220 gallon tank which ever one I can afford. If you want to read the whole thread on my tank then go to this link: I hope you enjoyed following along.

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