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Pootsnickers Tank

June 28th the Cycle

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Ok well my tank is a 55 gal long tank with a 20 gal sump. I have a mag 7 return pump, a 16 watt Uv filter, a skimmer, phosphate reactor,auto topoff, pinpoint ph meter, and a RK lite controller. Lighting consist of 4, 48 inch VHO 2 actinic white, and 2 super actinic from a Icecap ballast. I Have 40lb of base rock and 50lb of live rock , and 80lb of live sand. I started this tank back in April of 2009 and had it cycled by August of 09, then moved and all my rock and sand sat in a Brute can for 8 months.. so now its back up and running and I hope is starting to cycle again....

PH: 8.1
Alk: 3.6 Milli or 8 meq/l
Nitrite: 0-0.1
Nitrate: 5
Ammonia: 0
Total Ammonia: 0
Calcium: no test yet
Mag: no test yet
Phos: no test yet

I have been adding some instant Ocean food to the tank I am thinking maybe its not enough to get the cycle going, tried to get a shrimp but the place was out at that time and haven't got back yet. I Really need to go get a shrimp...... my alk is a bit high need to test the Calcium will try tonight. dont have a Mag or Phos something eles I need to buy, but it will have to wait as I am broke. picking up my daughter in NH for the month 3 round trip tickets OUCH........ she will not be happy with me as I told her the tank would be ready and she can go pick out a fish when she is here. have the qt tank just not set up yet....

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