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List of Hitchhikers

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While I am still waiting on the cycle to begin I have seen a lot of hitchhikers so far. Here are the ones I was able to identify:

Vermetid Snails
Brittle stars
Asterina (tiny starfish)
Bristle worms
yellow polyp zoanthids

There are some others I have yet to identify and have only gotten a partial glimpse of. There is a small black colored clam on the rock which I have read is fine.

I am picking out Asterina stars as I find them. One thing I am unsure of is what hitchhikers can be expected to survive and which will possibly or even likely parish when the tank cycles. I am hoping that the stars are killed off through the process as I worry about any of them being left once I get to the point I can add coral.

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  1. CarmieJo's Avatar
    Most of those hitchhikers will make it through the cycle. I've never had any problems with asterina stars.
  2. PapaMcEuin's Avatar
    Don't kill the starfish. Those guys are friendly. Keep them and let them do their job. Won't harm the corals. BTW, wear gloves or use long tweasers if you pull out bristle worms. Got a row of bristles when pulling the rock out of my tank a few months back. Took days to stop feeling like I left my finger on the stovetop and weeks for the skin to fall off and grow back. Yeouch!