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Corals to add...?

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Any advice on what to add in a 12 gallon nano cube? It's got the deluxe lighting. I don't want anything that needs too much more than what the tank already has. I'd love some sun corals, but feeding would be too much of a hassle... for right now... So similar corals are out.
I'm hoping for some zoas, pulsing xenia, a little piece of colt and hopefully a few mushrooms. My cousin wants me to take a piece of her frogspawn, but I think it's tentacles will be too big for the tank and might bother some other corals.. I don't know...
Any help?

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  1. rayme07's Avatar
    I have no experience with the nano cubes lighting but, is the delux lighting power compact or T5. If T5 it should be ok to house the corals you listed if power compact I am not so sure.
  2. BekChed's Avatar
    Yes the lighting is PC. They're combo lights (50/50) that are each 24W, I believe 10k daylight and then blue actinic.
  3. rayme07's Avatar
    Yea those lights should be fine for some softies and zoes, I am not to sure on the frogspawn though.