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Fishie additions

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I picked up 4 chromis and a flame angel from a fellow reefer who was breaking down his tank. The flame is of course a bit risky as far as possibly nipping at corals, but the previous owner had no problems, so we;ll see. I've also done the chromis song and dance twice before, and had the numbers dwindle to 1, but i know plenty of people have had success. including the one i already had, that's 5 in the tank now. they all hang out together, but we'll see how they do long term...

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  1. rayme07's Avatar
    Congrats!! on the new additions. I wish you the best of luck on both the flame and the chromis.
  2. V's Avatar
    strange how your populations dwindle, im one of those people that have not had the problem.

    once again phursty ol chum, always there when someone closes down
  3. Skurvey Dog's Avatar
    Enjoy the new additions as they give more movement and color to the tank. I know you must be pleased. I managed to keep 3 alive for quite some time and then there were 2, so who knows. You have some of the best of luck so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if you managed to keep 4. Having lots of LR and hiding places seem to play a big role along with keeping well fed. I'm hoping none have a very dominant personality. Congrats!