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update of my tank

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so here is everything finally moved back into the dt. everything transfered wonderfully due to some SPOT ON advise from dick whom i cant thank enough for his patience with me as with everyone else who continually deals with my constant flow of questions. thank you all for your help.

here is alittle bit closer shot.

and it never seems to fail no matter where i want something to be they always feel like there should go somewhere else. drives me crazy. i tried moving this kenya tree back up like 3 times and it always found itself "falling" back to this exact location. so i just gave up. i watch to make sure it is growing well and seems to love its new home.

same story holds true for these 2 mushrooms. they are always rolling around and putting themselves in different spots. just goes to show you with living things they are gonna do whatever they want no matter what i think.

i really like this one. it keeps getting bigger and bigger. when i first got it it was no bigger than the end of a pin cap and now it stretches out almost to the size of a half dollar. hoping it will start splitting and making some more soon. we will just have to see.

and my yellow polyps. these are doing great. they started on one small piece and within a month they had spread themselves over 2 other rocks that they were stacked on before the move so i just took those other rocks and spread them out in the new design to get more of them throughout. and my little zoa's. i watch these constantly cause i could of sworn that the large one you can somewhat see was a different color and now others are starting to change to this color too. should i be concerned?

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