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The Big Salt Switch

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I started with IO Reef Crystals years ago and could never get a consistent mix so I switch to Red Sea coral pro when I set up my 75g, I have been looking for something new that might be better so I purchased a bucket of Brightwell reef salt. It certainly smells different from any other salt I have ever used. It mixed up great, good reef levels across the board. I did a 15g water change and within 2-3 days my tang died, and two of my large montipora/chalice corals have RTN taking most of the colonies. I am going to do another water change tonight 10g and see if that helps. I have never experience problems when switching salts like this! My LFS runs the exact same salt and the corals there look amazing with good PE and little to no RTN...they do get bleached sps frags in shipments but i think they usually come in bleached.

Has anyone else had serious problems when switching salts?

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  1. DCisGnar's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your loss =(
  2. rayme07's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your losses. It may be the fact that you mixed both your new salt in with your old salt.
  3. PhotoJohn's Avatar
    I didnt mix the salts, I just did a water change with the new salt
  4. rayme07's Avatar
    Oh that is very weird.
  5. PhotoJohn's Avatar
    lost 3 colonies and several frags...not a good salt change choice IMO
  6. V's Avatar
    yeah id say that's an accurate description. No, never had an issue exclusively due to a brand switch.
    Might have been that particular batch. Record it , maybe run a comparative google search for instances happening elsewhere & then direct it to the manufacturer for possible confirmation. You might be flogging a dead horse on that one, but its better to start there first & work your way down.
  7. PhotoJohn's Avatar
    i think this was my fault...The salt may not have been stable yet or my refractometer may have been off at the time but the sg went up beyond healthy lvls...