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V'spec PowerCube - Empowering the Artform (PT 4)

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Sorry for the delay guys, been extremely busy lately.

All i was waiting on was these power rails to turn up from overseas, they arrived last Friday, however this is the first opportunity I've had to post anything relating.

Yup, these things are sweet. Don't get me wrong, power rails are a dime a dozen, & i could have use any number of the ones i've already got sitting about the place. However considering these are on display as well as being functional, i thought it best to fine something i was happy with.

6gang 600v rated with the visual appeal & added safely of a Perspex casing. Yup, this will do nicely.

2 walls of the pyramid will get this treatment, meaning 3rails to each side, Positive, Negative & an Earth.

Can wait to see them wired.

Thats pretty much everything component wise, ive decided to leave the RCBO/RCD choice to the electrical fitter. Originally that was going to be displayed as well, however I just cant find a digital unit for domestic wiring. They have funky units for cars, but there is a marked difference in power ratings in that regard so i cant use them. So - A few bits & bobs aside and its ready for placements & fitments.

The timing units are top notch quality, these are the type of units they run shops, libraries & museums off. They can be 12v or 240v. Considering ive got raw 240v running into the unit. i might as well use it. And of course, the switches are the pinnacle of domestic architectural advancements, so to is the cost it seems

Ok, so continuation. Ive managed to dry fit the components. The unit is still in primer, cause before i get it painted, gota have it wired & certified properly by the sparky.

I found i like it more sitting flat, as opposed to sitting up on its edge to face me as i originally planned. It could also be because it doesn't have the Perspex lid on as well

Ive also broken into my OCD barrier alittle, & offset the timer units alittle. The one that will be facing the back is sitting 110mm from the lip, the one facing the observer is only 60. This is so i can fit a temp gauge below it. This should hopefully even out any visual displacement by offsetting it.
Everything else is still at the uniform heights though.

So, next stop, the wiring mongers.

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Updated 03-14-2010 at 09:40 AM by V

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  1. V's Avatar
    Got around to updating the page guys.
  2. rayme07's Avatar
    Sweet that looks amazing. I like those LEDs they look like they are going to be bright as heck. Those are LED's right?
  3. V's Avatar
    On top im assuming your refering?

    They are 6gang push button switches. They will be configued to turn all my equipment on/off. There is a sweet glow that illuminates the outer rim. Its configuable so i'll have it set to glow when the application is switched on.

    example for ya
  4. rayme07's Avatar
    Ohh ok Well V you are going to have to give me a break I am not used to that weird ozzie electrical fancy switches that you have. lol J/K I only know the cheap stuff that I can afford. LOL
  5. V's Avatar
    its all good
  6. rayme07's Avatar
    lol I'm glad to hear that.