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V'spec PowerCube - Empowering the Artform (PT 2)

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A bit of Prototype building behind the scenes. Namely only cause i love you guys & if you can build one better than me, then i say the world is better for it.
But watch out if you do jump in that ring, you will only feed my rivalling nature to increase the bar.

What you see before you is my very own version for the mangrove jack display. Its a perfect way to iron any bugs by adapting it for pretty hardcore testing.

Granted.....Its massive, well over 31 inches square, however given everything else around it is massive, then it'll seamlessly be incorporated into the mix.

As a side note: I will be building smaller and varied models from strong light-weighted materials in future. Im thinking of doing limited production runs actually. That way it remains exclusive & true to its name, a functional piece of artwork.
So.... if your interested, or should i say, Still Interested Later, let me know as different countries have different electrical specs.

Ok so down to business!
Ive got a love affair with the pyramid structures of my Mayan Cascade WIP tank. So given ive already done the hard yards & calculated the angles, this was less of an issue.

Once the pattern was drawn & the cutting was performed. I spent plenty of hours with my mate, honing and sanding the correct face angles by hand. Being the first run, im trying to focus on design as well as access sympathy. All to often, its easy to lose site of that until you have to work on it.
So these shots should bring you up to speed at any rate. - Admittedly it was a mathematical certainty we were drinking Jack Daniel with non stop laughs and sledging comments on each other work.

Strong bold lines of the pyramid structure are (to me at least) complimented via the mirror set design. The walls are cut in the reverse angles.

Tip for the Day: Cheap trick when sanding an edge, a quick light spray with something staining (in this case a primer) will show up the rises & divots that are often not totally visible. When everything is the uniform wood colour again, you know you have a smooth surface.

As you can see, the edges are extremely rough from the initial cuts.
Preaching captain obvious for a sec - Watch sharp edges when performing angle cuts, even though it may be wood, it can still slice your finger quite easily.
I was done once, & my mate was done 3 times......idiot!, at least i learnt not to do it again lol

Deploying an old school plane. These things are solid as a rock, easily adjustable & predictable - unlike some electric belt kinds that can take off & dig in, doublet so when youve been drinking!!
Kudos to my mate for having one.

Clearly this is a strategic shot of him working, just for laughs though, i doubled up the strength of his drinks whenever he picked a tool up, maybe that accounts for him cutting himself so much

Ok, So raw cutting, followed by planeing, then hand sanding with scalable grits, all in prep for the paint shop.

An awful lot of love went into the sanding, I definitely ensured i didn't skip over this stage & gave it the time it needed. My lungs can definitely attest to that fact. MDF is wicked stuff on the palate, not to mention your health in airborne form.

So this is the first ratio glimpse of the first face. Exciting cause i've seen it all in my head, watching it materialising in front of me is something to celebrate. Another drink - yup, cheers!

From this point on, Marty always encourages me. Cause he can see exactly what the #$^$ ive been blabbering on about the last few

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