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V'spec PowerCube - Empowering the Artform (PT 1)

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Please note
, this is a registered copyrighted product. Any unlawful reproduction will cause me to fly to your house & B^tch slap you with your own shoes. lol ,ok, so now that we got that BS disclaimer out the way, on to the unavailing shall we....

Its been along time coming! The countdown to completion is at hand.

**Cue Music**

Welcome to the next generation of powering systems..

The ingredients are simple,

  • 10 parts Research,
  • 5 parts Craziness,
  • 5 parts Effort
  • 80 parts Liquid V'spec

The Visionary Catalyst

Power is a constant - its uses are forever expanding, not to mention we seem to use it for almost every application you can think of.
Why then i ask, are we content to being limited to the boring mindless mass produced garbage.
Clearly its for chumps. So me being me....I now draw a new line in the sand.

The Natural Solution

Motivate V to build & steer the next generation. Ponder that for a moment,, no, i dare

Research is the key to planning & planning is the key to success.

Even though one may view my general approach as lay'd back & winging it style...All true i might add!! When it comes to serious project applications, its all business, with a side order of fun. Can never take things to serious now can we.

Waste not want not, The blend of concepts is a seller. Proof works in creation... sometimes taxing, & I know it drives the misses nuts that im such a plan freak in alot of ways, however all projects are better for it I believe.

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Updated 03-07-2010 at 12:49 PM by V

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  1. Amphibious's Avatar
    Hey V, your photos arenít showing up.
  2. V's Avatar
    i see them bud, still not showing up?