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Phurst's 150 updates

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You can see my previous thread on my 150 here:

Couple of updates. First, I have begun 2 part dosing again. I top off with straight saturated kalk, but it appears it can no longer keep up with demand, so i dusted off the old peristaltic dual dosing pump and mixed up some 2 part last night. This is the lab grade pump I'm using.

Also, I got a little DIY crazy with a spare TLF PhosBan reactor and whipped up this sulfur denitrator.

It'll be running on an Aqualifter pump. i have to swing by Lowe's one night this week to pick up a couple of JG fittings to run the tubing into. Interestingly, they friction fit perfectly into the little rubber boots on the top of the reactor. I'll have a couple more pics once it's up and running.

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  1. V's Avatar
    wow, look at the dosing pump, it looks old school to the max. Explain it bud. How does it function.

    what evap rate you experiencing that your single doser wasn't keeping up?
    You talking intake, or shear volumes output?
  2. Phurst's Avatar
    It's a peristaltic pump, so under each of the "cassettes" is a series of rollers that forces fluid through the line. One end of the line goes into the reservoir, the other drips into the sump. One Chanel for alk, one for cal. It doesn't really impact my topoff, since it doses about a gallon a week. I evap about 3 gallons a day and replace that with saturated kalk via ATO.
  3. V's Avatar
    lol, thanks bud. I got unexpected fleeting freshman feelings on the first day of school after that response.

    So where those 2 bars are attached to the threaded pole, you have the roller mechanism under those. Are the rollers on a rotating wheel as per semi modern day units or what?

    For the select few imperially challenged, thats 11lts per day on 568lt tank. So a fair wack.
  4. Phurst's Avatar
    Yeah, the 2 silver aluminum (aluminium, to you) pieces are the "cassettes".

    This is what the pump looks like with them out:

    And this is what the "cassette" looks like. One for each channel: