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  1. Hey James! School is incredibly time consuming and between it and work I have no life. But I do have straight A's.
  2. Photobucket
  3. How do I edit my pic's...its been soooo long what is that website called?
  4. That is cool, I have only ever seen the shed shell. Yeah, I have straight A's but practically no life. I won't take this many hours again! How much longer do you have to go to graduation?
  5. Hey I saw the coolest thing the other night. My Cleaner shrimp was all glazed over, ready to shed its skin....It spread its legs far apart, grabbed on to LR and crawled out of the time I got the camera....he was done! You getting A's?....I start at the end of August...not looking forward to this semester..
  6. James, that is great! Unfortunately I don't have a clue how much tank services cost. Maybe you could put a post up? Or call around the area and see what it would cost in Cleveland?
  7. Hey, I kinda fell into a job over here and I need yor advice? A restaraunt chain asked me to clean their tanks..Two tall triangular tanks prob. 90g and a lobster waterfall tank?? They want me to come twice a week. Do you have any clue as to how and price that???
  8. That would be awsome, Let me know.
  9. I'm back in NC now. Strongsville isn't far. My husband's family lives in Stow, outside of Akron, and mine in East Sparta, south of Canton. Next time we are up that way for more than a long weekend I'll let you know.
  10. You are in OHIO???you should have stopped by...I'm in Strongsville...
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