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  1. did you see what happeneto my snail?
  2. To post a new thread click on Forums in the bar on the top right side of the screen. Then click on the forum you want to post in and there should be a button at the top of the forum section (right beside Photo of the Month) that you click to start a new thread.
  3. why can't I find the place to post a new thread?
  4. I think that admins are the only ones who can handle stuff with the albums. I know I can't.

    I will post some new tank pix just as soon as I can. It needs some major glass cleaning as I have ignored that part of it while recovering from foot surgery.
  5. It says i have no album, do you guys review that too?
  6. I also just downloaded about 45 pic's of my tank in an album and cannot access them..everytime i click the album it goes nowhere
  7. Thank you....can't wait to see a new pic of your corner tank.
  8. We will get it changed for you.
  9. hey carmiejo...can u change my screen name? don't like my last name up there.thanks
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