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  1. Hey I didn't know you did sponsorships on here - how do I play? =D It would make me come on the forum more! =D

  2. Hey Grace,

    I was going to bring my 10 gallon QT tank, a powerhead, sand, rocks and PVC rock stands. Will you have water there? I have lots of halimedia but if the farm has any more kinds of decorative macros it would be nice to to borrow some nano sized ones. I wasn't planning on a PowerPoint, I think the tank is more effective.
  3. Hey Carmie!

    Just wanted to touch base and see if you needed anything for the expo talk - if you want a little tank and a few rocks to move around in it that's fine, or stuff printed, whatever you need just let me know!

    We will have power point if you were making one of those, of course it is up to you how you want to do it just let me know what you need!


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