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  1. That is a real bummer about the yellow tang. Carpets are beautiful but can be deadly.
  2. do you have a FB acount??
  3. I am sad...I got my yellow tang out of the MDS so I could put the sailfin in, and when I went to catch him, he swam into the carpet anemone....sniff, sniff...that want a carpet? I really appreciate all the help you have given me, hope you have a good x-mas and new year.
  4. I think you would be OK with that.
  5. Just a couple of tablespoons, thats it? Do you think I need other filtration besides the algae scrubber, the canister and my skimmer?
  6. Presuming you have a media container in your canister filter, I would put a couple of tablespoons of carbon in it and change it weekly.
  7. Hi a I switched to the algae scrubber to see if it the mean while I have no chemical you think if I filled my canister filter full of carbon that it would do the job
  8. I don't know about where to get a reflector. I would make a post in the lighting section and ask there. Someone will probably have a good suggestion.
  9. hy do you know an online store where I can get a reflector for a PFO mogual base lighting set up..I just need the reflector
  10. Yes, that was pretty wild about the snail.
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