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  1. Hello Rob,
    I found your forum a few days ago and I wanted to thank you personally for all the work you have put in here. I have posted in the forum and started my 1st tank journal as well. Everyone has been very friendly. Folks like Carmie and Dick, etc.
    I mentioned on the forum how your forum feels different...I'd say more personable.The reason I think is because of your podcast. I was jumping around a little, but tonight I have started from the 1st episode from August 2005. I'm up to August 23rd (episode 4) which is my birthday by the way. I am enjoying the shows a lot. Makes midnight shift go by quickly. :-)
    One thing I know you like is questions. Well I have one while I'm here. Is there somewhere on the site that shows a live schedule for the podcast? I hear you answering questions via live chat rooms and phone calls. I might like to get involved sometime.

    Best Regards,
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