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  1. Hello rob... Thanks again for sending me an e-mail i know its been awhile.. I posted a new tread in general discussions explaining my absence. I am back and hope to be around a little more than i have in the past year now that i have my tank home.... Also i posted a question about fragging a leather coral id like for you to check out and give me your opinion on... Thank you in advanced and for your inquire about my absence.
  2. thanks for the email, I have been off for a while, had to move, and lost all but two tangs in the move, my matted pair of black saddleback clowns also bit the dust, as well as my corals, I managed to save some but it was to much for me and I have yet to be able to replace any of it due to the lack of funding! anyway, I will see you around..... clownfish4me, aka, joe......
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