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  1. Hey Sis! I had a pretty good week and am looking forward to the long weekend! I only have to work 3 days next week as I am leaving Thurs after work for my brother's wedding in TX. How was your week?
  2. Hey Sis! Hope you've had a good week. Just sending some hugs your way to send you into the long weekend. :-)
  3. Happy Independence Day! I love watching the dolphins when we go to the coast. I always wanted Flipper.
  4. Happy 4th of July CJo! Just got back from watching the dolphins feeding. :-) It was awesome.
  5. Thanks Sis! I go back to the Dr on Wednesday. I HOPE he will allow me to begin weight bearing. Our nephew is moving to Charleston so now I will have 2 reasons to visit.
  6. Great pic Sis! You're on my mind a good bit and I hope you continue to recoop and make progress. Lot's of love and hugs!
  7. Olah CJO! Was it Phurst that got a fuzzy dwarf about a year ago? Or was it Poppin? I can't remember.
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