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  1. hey wats up ryan,need some input,i still didnt order nano tank yet,been crazy buzy,im thinking about gettin rid of my fishes in my 30 gallon tank and just turning that into a reef tank instead of buying 1.i have 2 maxi-jets 900,live rock ,and live sand,,also a skimmer,i got a pc light 65watts * 2 ,10000 k daylight and 10000k actinic .i like nano becuz it has 150watt metal halid,.im not sure if lighting is strong enough for a mixed reef set up.i dont want to spend 400 on a light when i can buy a jbj nano for 100 more .i want to do some polpys,mushrooms,zooes,like soft corals nothing thats too hard to maintain ,just the basic stuff,let me know what you think,dont say im a pain in da ass,i just want to make a good investment.thankx men
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