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  1. ya i kinda figured that the lfs was bad for advice, i did buy a book called the new marine aquarium it helped sum but mostly ive been listening to every one on here, i havent added a single thing to my tank just rock and sand and my pumps could the bloom be from me running my lights 10 hours a day? and what r key things i need to look for, i have nuthing but time so i want my tank to be as perfect as it can be when the day to finally add livestock comes.
  2. Hi Isaac, Glad you got the Mantis out. They will eventually become a killer in a reef tank, just doing their normal predation to eat. Did you take a picture of him? We like pictures. Algae blooms in reef tanks are common and expected BUT avoidable or minimized if certain rules are followed. Most people, Newbies and experienced alike, make the mistake of adding fish to their reef tank too soon. Fish are the biggest polluters in an aquarium. Their large amount of waste creates the condition for algae blooms. Algae needs only two things to flourish, nutrients and light. We provide the light, our inhabitants create the nutrients. The larger the fish the more pollutant or the smaller the aquarium the more quickly the water becomes polluted. Certain types of filter systems will help alleviate the situation but most aquariums are set up wrong by Newbies because they follow the advice of LFS employees. Not the best place to get advice.
  3. Hi dick thank you for the advice on catching the mantis, he is prison and on his way to my Lfs( I guess these guys can go for a pretty penny) any way seeing as every one that I have talked to so far has said ur the go to guy, I'm having an algie bloom and it's only been five days with my live rock in the tank is this normal I will post pics of it up.
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