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  1. Face to face, long over due is correct! I hope things improve with the move. Lots of exciting things happening in the hobby. Watch TR today for an announcement on my thread about ReefPods.

  2. All good at my end bud. Moving - again! But other than that, taking everything on the chin as per usual.
    If I can get my act together hopefully I'll make it out there at some point in the future. A face to face is long over due my friend.
  3. Hey V, how you be??? Long time no hear from. Things are flying around here. I’ll be posting a new thread on the aquaculture soon. Many good things happening to this old fart! Hope you, the boys and that new “hottie” are doing great.

    Sorry for the delay in responding. Haven’t been on TR for a bit.

  4. Im back, will sucking down a few frothy cold ones mend the band-aid of withdrawal V Time?
  5. Ive reopened skype for contact, although i couldn't remember the old access codes, so my name is now veriann1

    Ive sent a message to blub in case he still checks it, i also used to speak to christi (reefbaby) on it also, so i sent one to her at the same time. Can only hope for a bite.
  6. Hey V,

    Blubber truly has disappeared, ever since his nephew was killed in Iraq. He pops in once in awhile, posts once or twice and is gone for a month or more. Not sure we can rectify this sad situation. If he doesn't want to come out and play, there's not much we can do.

  7. Ampage, Its time bud - Its time we got the band back together. I have this weird feeling lately that the good old times are about come flooding back in force. You do the remember those times dont you, your not getting to old on me now are
    Gotta say, It will be a welcome switch after what we've all been through, especially this year thats for sure.!

    Blubber has fallen off the face of the planet & ive now got no way of contacting him.

    How can we rectify this ?
    Hit me back ok.
  8. Hey V, Ga day!

    I think it's because everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for "The Old Man", especially the girls of TR. You should read the PMs some send me. WAIT, no you shouldn't, they're private messages. Sorry.

    Long live "The Old Man"!

    Love ya, V! Truly my "Brotha from a different Motha, from down unda"

  9. hey, how come you have more comments than me. anyone would think my old floridian friend was more popular.. *sniff*
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