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  1. Hey Sweetie. Popped in as I couldn't stay away any longer. Things are starting to pan out and become stable somewhat. Thanks for the super fast shipping....I couldn't of driven to your house and back quicker than the order arrived. Still have all my tanks, but much work to do to get them populated and beautiful as they once were. Good news is tho that my 2 grand babies are flourishing. Love ya!
  2. Skurvey, you’ve come home. Like a prodigal daughter, she rises out of the sea and returns to TR. It is GREAT to know you are back. Hoped and prayed for your return. Prayers answered!

    Yes, TR was down for a bit. Rob did a major overhaul and something went kaput. That part has been deleted for now. It was a blogging thingie.

    I love you too, Lori. Welcome back!!!

  3. The ever rare and elusive SD has come out of hibernation. :-) I couldn't get on TR for the last week, not sure what the problem was, but whatever it was, the issue seems to be resolved. Love ya Dick.
  4. Hey Lori,

    When you coming out of hiding? I miss your wit, wisdom and intellect.

    Love you, XOXOXOXO (How many do yo need? I’ve got them for you!)

  5. Thank you and right back at you. Got your e-mail, thanks for letting me know. We both have too much on our plate.

    Love you!

  6. Here's your hug for today :-)
  7. Good. Sand is on the way. Is that what you mean?
  8. How'd it go today?
  9. Good Morning Sweetie right back at you.

    Was typing a post when you posted this message. There are so many "favorite" fish. The Moorish Idol presents special challenges. It needs a big tank with out any tangs or other aggressive fish. At least until the Idol has established itself as the dominate inhabitant.

    Love you! Have a great day.

  10. Morning Sweetie Would really enjoy it a great deal if you would post your thoughts to my thread "What is your favorite fish." I am in the research and discovery mode of looking at possible canidates for a new family member. I think within the next few months I may be ready to commit myself again. ;P
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