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  1. I will start out by saying that I have never used any of the reef safe treatments. I have heard many people who have used the reef safe treatments and still lost their fish to ich. Initially you see the ich go away but it comes back with a vengence. This is because the parasite only lives on the fish for 1 stage of its lifecycle. It naturally drops off the fish in 3-7 days, multiplies through the other stages and then reinfects the fish in 2 - 4 weeks. IMO the ich kick or whatever did not make the parasite drop off (that was natural) nor did it kill it in other stages.

    There is a new product that is getting good reviews and has had some actual testing. J&K Aquatics Ltd It looks good but I have not used it nor do I know anyone who has used it so I can not recommend it.
  2. in your opinion is there any treatment i could use in dt ? such as kick ich ? i havent ever needed a qt tank until now (always thinkin it wouldnt happen to me) i dont get my live stock from lfs so i havent really had any problems but only been in sw for over a year and my new babies have a slight case of ich. qt tank will take atleast 4 days for me to get. i have researched some on this forum but value your opinion. thanx
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