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Small Fry

  1. Small Frys 120 Update!

    Well, i've had the chaeto in my system for about two weeks now, and have been overskimming and doing water changes like mad.

    I am now happy to report that my nitrates went from 20ppm to 5
    I did spot some aptasia in the chaeto that i was given, so i ended up throwing about 60% of it out... In hindsight, i should have FW dipped it when i got it (but i wanted the critters from it in my tank :s), or i should have FW dipped it once i noticed the aptasia and then put it back ...
  2. Overflow plumbing

    Alright, so i am running a mag 14 (if memory serves) from my sump back to my DT, and my tank will begin to overflow if i leave the return valve all the way open. I have to shut the return half off so i can just get the surface to skim.

    So anyways, if you go to my tank build thread, you can see that the lines coming from the DT are all hard plumbed, with 90 degree bends and such, and are very neat and tidy (IMO). But i am increasingly seeing this flexible tubing being used instead.. ...
  3. blogs eh??

    Not gonna lie i think i prefer the old fashioned threads as opposed to these blogs, but hey, its 3:40 and im just finding out about this
    So i guess i need to do some reading

    nitrites and ammonia are at zero, and after a good week or so of having the chaeto in my tank and doing reg water additions and changes, nitrates are down from 30-40, to about 20... Still to high for adding inverts (which i desperately need) But any progress is progress that i welcome ...