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  1. Tank update

    The tank has been up for a little over a month now and the parameters are looking good.

    Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate are undetectable.
    Specific Gravity (measured w/refractometer) 1.026
    Temp 78-80

    The diatom bloom came and went pretty quickly. What has been more persistent is the bryopsis

    The only added life in the tank (aka non hitchhikers) are snails that I added as my beginning CUC.

    Here are some pictures: ...
  2. List of Hitchhikers

    While I am still waiting on the cycle to begin I have seen a lot of hitchhikers so far. Here are the ones I was able to identify:

    Vermetid Snails
    Brittle stars
    Asterina (tiny starfish)
    Bristle worms
    yellow polyp zoanthids

    There are some others I have yet to identify and have only gotten a partial glimpse of. There is a small black colored clam on the rock which I have read is fine.

    I am picking out Asterina stars as I find ...
  3. Bring on the cycle

    Yesterday I bought about 10lbs of live (seed) rock and filled the tank. I have about 30lbs of sand and 25lbs of base rock in addition to the live rock. Now that the water has been added I am waiting for the ammonia to rise so I know the cycle has begun.

    Below are some pictures form the morning after filling (the day of was nothing but cloudy water). Since the pictures were taken the rock on the left side was moved slightly inward to allow for better access to the glass for cleaning. ...