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  1. rayme07's Avatar
    lol I'm glad to hear that.
  2. V's Avatar
    its all good
  3. rayme07's Avatar
    Ohh ok Well V you are going to have to give me a break I am not used to that weird ozzie electrical fancy switches that you have. lol J/K I only know the cheap stuff that I can afford. LOL
  4. V's Avatar
    On top im assuming your refering?

    They are 6gang push button switches. They will be configued to turn all my equipment on/off. There is a sweet glow that illuminates the outer rim. Its configuable so i'll have it set to glow when the application is switched on.

    example for ya
  5. rayme07's Avatar
    Sweet that looks amazing. I like those LEDs they look like they are going to be bright as heck. Those are LED's right?
  6. V's Avatar
    Got around to updating the page guys.
  7. V's Avatar
    2 more days & the funky power rails arrive.
    I set everything up through the buisness in order to secure them, or else there would have been no chance walking in off the street so to speak.

    Hopefully dry fitment of the components can be achieved this weekend some time, although the 2nd job thing is killing my free time.
    - so final cutting & modification will be needed to seat everything flush. OCD issue's remember, so its got to be perfect

    Then its down to three final stages....

    • Electrical inspection & cert to ensure it complies
    • Disassemble, Final paint + hazzard sticker allocations, then Reassembly
    • Outer perspex with nylon locking mechanisms to enclose the box leaving access for the switches.
  8. rayme07's Avatar
    Awesome I cant wait. This is one sweeet project.
  9. V's Avatar
    Update: Unit is primed, & the power rail guys in asia just came back from holidays, so given travel times, hopefully i can see the rock up toward the end of next week
  10. V's Avatar
    ive got everything except the power rails, the chinese have stalled on my request for new samples. Admittedly they have been in holiday mode of late.

    The unit isn't painted yet ether, the delay on the above has stopped it for one, & my mate mentioned no new back yarder projects are allowed in the spray booth till the boss comes back from holidays. Too much product was getting lifted apparently.
  11. V's Avatar
    i see them bud, still not showing up?
  12. Amphibious's Avatar
    Holy crapola man, you’ve got some serious skills, bud! Looking forward to this build.
  13. Amphibious's Avatar
    Hey V, your photos arenít showing up.
  14. rayme07's Avatar
    What? The looking good par or I cant wait to see it finished. lol I am simple minded and that is the most logical thing to say. LOL
  15. V's Avatar
    Rost, my projects take some time, cause a) im lazy, B) im lazy being lazy & C), im on sh^t money at the moment.

    Ray, That should be your trademark saying
    Im looking forward to the buttons on inital light up, these things are sweeeeeeeet!
  16. rayme07's Avatar
    Its looking good V cant wait to see it finished. The color light scheme is going to be awesome.
  17. Rostr02's Avatar
    And i thought that my projects were time consuming . . .

    You and you mate did an awesome job so far
  18. V's Avatar
    Thanks bud.
    All will become apparent soon enough
  19. Small Fry's Avatar
    As always with your projects, i am somewhat lost, but still really excited to see what it ends up being

    Sweet looking stuff man
  20. rayme07's Avatar
    Awesome V, I cant wait to follow along.